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    ActiveGS requires
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Firefox
  • If you satisfy those requirements, please press the install button for manual instalation


Refreshing or clicking links on this page will end the game.
Emulator notes: Press F8 to remove the windows mouse cursor. Joystick support is enabled by default using a real joystick. Press F4 to enable mouse to joystick simulation. Use Left-Right Alt keys for buttons. Press CTRL-ALT-ESC to enter the IIgs control panel. Some games may not work.

Troubleshooting: If a disk fails to load or you get a startup error, try deleting your Internet Explorer cache to fix the problem. Go to the Tools->Internet Options->Delete Files menu and click on OK to delete your cache. Then refresh the page to reload the disk.

Also, if your keys don't work for older Apple II disks, try enabling CAPS-LOCK.